Featured Guided Meditation Audio From Malcolm Huxter

Malcolm Huxter offers us this great guided meditation audio. Before listening to this video, make sure you are free … at least for the next 10 minutes. He will help you to focus your awareness on your body. Feel yourself relaxing as you go through the guided meditation. I Hope you enjoyed these videos. More…

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placebo effect

Is Placebo effect real?

Placebo comes from the Latin « I shall please ». In medicine it took the meaning of “I shall please my doctor”. The placebo effect takes place when a patient is given a ‘fake’ treatment and does react positively to care. This concept is mainly used in medical research to determine the efficacy of a given treatment…

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neckpain video thumb

Neck Pain and Stress

In this video, you will better understand how stress is often a major factor in the chronicity of neck pain.

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Treadmill Workout: Variations to Get the Most Out of It

You are hitting the treadmill several times per week and feeling the benefits. Great, Here are 2 variations you can add to the usual walk and run routine that would help to tone up the body and burn more calories.

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Manhood Is a Tricky Thing

In a new study, researchers asked men to undertake a “feminine” activity: braiding someone else’s hair. The control group (another group of men) were asked to do the gender-neutral task of braiding a piece of rope. Afterwards, men in both groups were given the option of punching a punching-bag or doing a puzzle.

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