Is Yoga Just Another Form of Exercise?

A growing body of evidence shows that Yoga is good for you… as most exercise forms are. A new study tried to see if the practice of yoga offered an added value.

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Happiness, Wisdom or Hormones?

Researchers in endocrinology have shown that hormones deeply affect the way we feel. You get frightened by a car you didn’t see, and in a fraction of a second your body is flushed with adrenaline, the survival hormone. A night with the person you love and the hormone oxytocin takes over your physiology and you…

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2 Yoga Breathing Techniques to Cool Down

The Cooler Called Sitali breathing, this way of breathing can be used to cool down the body in hot weather and also to relax the mind. Open the mouth and curl the tongue lengthwise. If you can’t curl your tongue, simply bring the tip of your tongue against the back of your top teeth. Inhale…

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Muscle Your Self-Discipline!

Self-control is like a muscle: the more often you engage in it the stronger it gets. That’s what 2 studies have revealed: by engaging in an activity that requires self-control, we become better at controlling ourselves.

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Interview: Mary Bond on Healthy Sitting

If you are like me and spend several hours per day in front of a computer screen, you are going to enjoy this interview. I discovered Mary’s work as I was doing research on postural training. Her book “The New Rules of Posture” gave me great insights on how to pay attention to our posture.…

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