10 great foods for men

10 Great Foods For Men

According to the Canadian publication Alive, these 10 foods offer great benefits to men’s health. Needless to say that they are also great food for women. 1. Almonds They are rich in calcium, fibre, iron and magnesium; they help lower cholesterol. 2. Bananas A good source in potassium, bananas help regulate blood pressure. 3. Blueberries…

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Yoga to Better Manage Stress at Work

One hour of Yoga session per week can bring marked improvements in feelings of clear-mindedness, composure, energy, and confidence. That’s what a study involving 48 employees (randomized into either a yoga or a wait-list control group) has showed. The employees who did practice one 60 minutes Yoga class per week did have, after 6 weeks…

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Oat Meal, A Great Breakfast with Layane Makarem

In this video, Layane tells us about the great benefits of eating Oat for breakfast. Sprinkle your oat with crushed flax seed (2 spoons give you your omega3 needs), add some dry fruits or honey, hot water (or rice milk) and you got yourself a super breakfast high in fibers, rich in proteins, essential fatty…

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Does Diet Coke damage your bones?

Research has confirmed that regularly drinking cola drinks is detrimental to women’s bones and may increase the risk of osteoporosis. That is true for regular and diet coke. It is likely due to the high level of phosphoric acid (present in all coke drinks) that is interfering with healthy bone formation.

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Sleep Quality and Screens

The electronic glow from the TV, the computer screen, or the cell phone  affect the quality of sleep. It is advised to stop being exposed to screens at least one hour before going to bed. A survey involving 1508 participants aged 13 to 64 revealed that 95% of them were exposed to electronic glow in…

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