Is Yoga Just Another Form of Exercise?

A growing body of evidence shows that Yoga is good for you… as most exercise forms are. A new study tried to see if the practice of yoga offered an added value.

The study surveyed participants aged 18 to 65 years from yoga classes and fitness clubs. The factors assessed were general health, psychological wellbeing, depression, anxiety, perceived stress and mindfulness. The findings revealed that yoga practitioners and fitness exercisers reported similar benefits when it came to self-reported anxiety and depression. However, people regularly practicing yoga reported less joint pain and fewer headaches than those who engaged in weight training and aerobic exercises. The yoga participants also had higher scores for mindfulness but lower scores for perceived stress. In conclusion, a combination between yoga and fitness seem to offer the best benefits.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine in WellBeing Sept-Oct 2011 – Picture: Alison Hinks