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Review of 6 Popular Guided Meditation Audio

Guided Meditation Audio offers great help in the implementation of meditation. The practice of meditation offering many benefits (watch the video on Guided Meditation Audio: Research and Benefits) more and more people turn towards that ancient practice.

Quieting the mind, and turning the attention inward could however be challenging for the modern woman or man, who is so used to thinking (worries, trying to control life). Guided meditation helps to canalize the attention back onto the breath and the body.

Here are 6 popular guided meditation audios (paid and free) that you can explore. They are best sellers and/or highly visited sites.


guided meditation audio fragrant heart1. Fragrant Heart – Heart Centered Meditation

This site offers free and paid audio recording of meditations. It combines music and guiding voice.

Plus: Wide choice of free samples.

Minus: Meditations are short and don’t give you enough time to let go.

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from Fragrant Heart


guided meditation audio 1 hr meditati2. 1 Hour Meditation

This site has been created by a yoga instructor who has been working with thousands of students over several years. It offers 3 meditation audios for beginners: 1 Hr Meditation; Eliminate Stress; Deep Sleep

Plus: Offers Quality Audio that can be played on any device; Focused on beginners; competitive rates for professionally created guided meditation audio.

Minus: Samples audios are too short.

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from 1hourmeditation


guided meditation audio with Anmol3. Learn How To Meditate with Anhol Mehta

This site offers a program including videos and meditation techniques such as Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, and Mind Meditation.

Plus: Visual support offered by videos are a plus; full support for duration of training.

Minus: Fees higher than average.

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from Anhol Mehta


Guided meditation with tara brach4. Tara Brach

Tara blends western psychology and eastern spiritual practices in her teachings. Her site offers paid products and free recordings.

Plus: Her smart mix of psychology and meditation

Minus: Her voice may not be warm and soothing enough (as in the other sites reviewed) to help letting go during the session.

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from Tara Brach


guided meditation audio med power5. Meditation Power

This site is different from the previous ones as it uses isochronic music support. This type of music helps the brain to relax.

Plus: helpful for people that have a hard time concentrating as it ‘works’ just by listening to it; professional site with a wide choice of audio meditation.

Minus: Short free samples; the music may sounds ‘strange’ the first few listening sessions.

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from Meditation Power


healing waterfall6. The Healing Waterfall

This site offers guided meditation through CDS and MP3 and guided imagery to help meditate and relax. Winner of Reader’s Choice 2012.

Plus: High quality of recordings; large choice; low prices.

Minus: no minuses found yet (please feel free to share your experience in the comment section).

Visit Guided Meditation Audio from The Healing Waterfall 

I hope that you found this review useful and more importantly that you will explore the sites and use them to help you in your meditation.