Yoga to Better Manage Stress at Work

yoga and stress

One hour of Yoga session per week can bring marked improvements in feelings of clear-mindedness, composure, energy, and confidence. That’s what a study involving 48 employees (randomized into either a yoga or a wait-list control group) has showed. The employees who did practice one 60 minutes Yoga class per week did have, after 6 weeks of practice, a significant improvement in their well-being and their resilience to stress in the workplace.

One session per week is something we should be able to fit in our schedule, right?

Source : Hartfiel N, Havenhand J, Khalsa SB, Clarke G, Krayer A. The effectiveness of yoga for the improvement of well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace.
Scand J Work Environ Health. 2010 Apr 6